Free Live Streaming: Top 5 Wicket-Takers in England vs. Sri Lanka Women’s ODI 2023

The England vs. Sri Lanka Women’s ODI series in 2023 has undoubtedly provided a delightful spectacle for cricket aficionados. Amidst the various elements that have contributed to the series’ allure, the performances of the bowlers have consistently remained a source of fascination. In the following blog post, we will embark on a thorough exploration of the top 5 wicket-takers in this captivating series, meticulously scrutinizing their statistical accomplishments and the invaluable impact they have had on their respective teams’ fortunes.

1. Lauren Filer (England)

Lauren Filer, the right-arm fast bowler, has been the standout performer in the series. With a remarkable 8 wickets in just 3 innings, she has been a thorn in Sri Lanka’s batting line-up. Filer’s best innings bowling figures of 3/27 reflect her ability to take crucial wickets when needed. Her bowling average stands at an impressive 10.25, and her economy rate of 4.13 indicates her ability to keep the runs in check.

2. Charlie Dean (England)

Charlie Dean, the right-arm offbreak bowler, follows closely behind Filer with 7 wickets in just 2 innings. Dean’s standout performance came with her best innings bowling figures of 5/31, a testimony to her ability to run through the opposition. Her exceptional bowling average of 6.14 and an economy rate of 3.30 have made her a match-winner for England.

3. Sarah Glenn (England)

Notably, Glenn’s exceptional performance was most vividly illustrated in her best innings figures of 3/20, a display of her skill in dismantling the opposition’s batting order. Delving further into her statistics, her bowling average, currently standing at a commendable 11.40, underscores her consistency in taking crucial wickets when her team needs them the most.

What truly sets Sarah Glenn apart is her ability to maintain a vice-like grip on the game. Her economy rate, an impressively miserly 2.87, reflects her remarkable control over the proceedings, often forcing the opposition to struggle for runs. As a key asset to England’s bowling arsenal, her contributions have undeniably played a pivotal role in shaping the outcomes of matches in their favor.

4. Kavisha Dilhari (Sri Lanka)

Kavisha Dilhari, the right-arm offbreak bowler representing Sri Lanka, has managed to secure 4 wickets in 2 innings. Her best innings bowling figures of 3/42 demonstrate her ability to pick up key wickets. Despite her bowling average of 11.25, Dilhari’s economy rate of 9.00 suggests that she can be a potent force in the right conditions.

5. Mahika Gaur (England)

Mahika Gaur, the left-arm fast-medium bowler, rounds off our list of top wicket-takers. She has contributed 4 wickets in 2 innings, with best innings figures of 3/26. While her bowling average is 13.75, her economy rate of 4.45 shows her knack for maintaining pressure on the opposition during crucial phases of the game.

These bowlers have played instrumental roles in their respective teams’ performances during the England vs. Sri Lanka Women’s ODI series in 2023. They have consistently taken wickets, applied pressure, and changed the course of matches with their remarkable performances. As the series unfolds, fans can look forward to more gripping encounters and standout bowling displays from these talented athletes. Watch Free live streaming at Six6s app today! Never miss a single cricket match ever again!